The HD Blender P220

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The ultimate foundation brush for applying liquids, creams or powders.

Like our award winning HD Buffer P230, this densely packed fully synthetic brush, will apply liquids and creams flawlessly. The super soft mixed length hair gives you full coverage, while leaving a HD polished finish on your skin.

The P220 absorbs a minimum amount of product, meaning that your foundations transfers onto your face and not into the brush.

The head is dome shaped, making it perfect to reach and blend around all the angles of your face leaving an airbrushed finish to your skin. 

This is also the perfect alternative to the traditional sponge blender, simply dip your dry brush into foundation and bounce along the skin for a full even coverage. Like a beauty sponge you can also set your foundation by using the P220 to apply your translucent setting powder under the eyes.

This is also a fabulous brush for blending in your contour for a soft flawless finish.