Time is of the Essence……………… (for everyone)

My world comes alive, I get to experiment and let my imagination flow. All day, having an array of colours and pallets at hand and most importantly my Powder ’n’ Pout Makeup Brushes. With back to back appointments, especially around this Christmas season, time is of the essence with every appointment. Though each client has their own individual style, for me, getting the base right is the key to completing each look.

HD Buffer P230 Flawless Foundation


After I’ve prepped the skin, I pick up my Powder ’n’ Pout HD Buffer P230 Makeup Brush, my “go to brush” when I need to get the base just right, first time… Simply for me, it’s the mother of all foundation brushes! With a few master strokes of my HD buffer P230 brush, I get a flawless finish and even coverage. It applies product smoothly without overloading either the brush or the skin with makeup. After this my creativity takes over and the result is a masterpiece (even if I do say it myself!).

buffer makeup blog


But for all of you whether, you’re at home, at work, in salons or makeup studios, or those of you who wear make up every day, or, only when you’re going out at night, it can be a nightmare as you struggle which foundation brush to use and how to use it correctly. Take the easy way out and choose my HD Buffer Brush…..

Duo Fibre

For those of you who like the technical information on this brush. It’s made with Duo Fibre Technology (mixed length hairs and Fibres) and has a short handle (ideal for any handbag!) with a double crimped nickel plated brass clamp (because no one wants the brush head falling off!!). With numerous wrist flicks, it superbly absorbs a minimal amount of makeup, and applies foundation in seconds.

It’s then up to you whether to go for a day or evening time look. 

Aisling x

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