After spending some (ok, a lot!) of time browsing through many beauty magazines, the current catwalks and the latest celebrity styles recently, it looks like makeup trends for 2017 are shaping up to be two extremes.

One being just a simple makeup-look applied artfully, whereas the other is bright, bold, shine and glitter… lots and lots of glitter!


The “No-Makeup” Makeup ~ Clean Skin

It looks like 2017 is going to be all about the skin! And when I say that I mean, looking after your skin and making it glow! You can read last week’s post on skincare tips here: It’s only natural for a trend like this to come around with the current health and fitness kicks; people are much more conscious of looking after their bodies and what they are eating. With this, skincare has evolved into a regime that people are taking much more interest in and spending more time on day-to-day skincare routines. One catwalk that stood out was Michael Kors, where makeup was only used to cover marks and blemishes (Kendall Jenner for Michael Kors pictured below).
With this in mind, I will make a prediction that you will want to set aside some of your makeup funds this year to invest in your skincare!  

Bold Lips!

Bold lips are making a comeback! Think oranges, bright pinks and purples. There is no denying that a classic red lip will never go out of style, but in 2017 the way to wear a red lip will be with the “no-makeup” makeup. Like I said, it’s all about the skin. With this trend, we are stripped back to clean, fresh skin with softer natural brows, minimal eye makeup but with a striking red lip; all add up to a no-fail combination. Looking at the red carpet so far this year, Emma Stone at the LA LA Land premiere (pictured below); her lips are a deep fusion of red and pink. By the way don't we all just love Emma Stone!! Matte lips were big last year and this is a look that will still be around this year, however more and more brands are embracing the shine and shimmer again!  

Streamlining Your Products

Another trend I have noticed is how a lot of brands are focusing on streamlining your beauty and makeup routine.
One recent example is the launch of Benefit’s new ‘They’re Real! Double the Lip” collection; a lipstick and lipliner in one (pictured below). These ombré lipsticks both line and fill in the lips in one step. As soon as these were released, I made sure to grab them and I can honestly tell you that I absolutely love them! They are super-handy for when you are on the go and I just love the glossy, moisture infused finish on my lips… Perfect.

The Year of “Nontouring”??

Is heavy contouring really on the way out? Well, it certainly seems that way! Even the Queen of Contouring, Kim Kardashian-West stated recently: “I think right now it’s more about ‘non-touring’, like real skin with less makeup on it.” But for anyone like myself who lacks a bit of bone structure (lol!) and needs some sculpting, this is easily fixed with subtle and soft bronzing… To keep the skin looking fresh, I would suggest softly contouring using a light product. You may forget about layering with concealer, full coverage contour crème and ‘baking’ with lots of layers of setting powder.
  This look is super subtle and is all about dewy, glowing skin. Instead opt for a sheer bronzing liquid/crème rather than a powder… For more subtle application use a Duo Fibre Brush for application will give you you coverage without overloading your skin. The Powder 'n' Pout Duo Tapered Powder P210 would be idea here with its chiseled shape that nicely sculpts around your cheek bones.
Personally, a luxury product that I love is the Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate, but two budget brand products that I would recommend are: NYX Cream Highlight & Contour Palette or the L’Oréal Infallible Sculpt Contour Palette.
  To finish, you should opt to just lightly set under the eyes and the T-zone area with a translucent powder. A powder that I love is the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder, but for a budget brand, Flormar do a great range of loose powders.

Welcome to a World of Glitter and Colour!

2016 was the year of the “Golden Goddess” and it looks like this is going to be super enhanced this year with an abundance of glitter. Glitter and shimmer for 2017, are not just a festival makeup go-to but year round! There has been shimmer galore on the catwalks. Think along the lines of glitter highlighters, a ‘spotlight’ of glitter on the eyes, and even adding a pop of glitter to your cupids bow on your lips! This year is sure going to be a sparkly affair.
    Colour is also making a big comeback this year. While the trends for 2017 is all about taking it easy on the foundations and powders, this makes room for us to totally play with the eyes or lips. A lot of brands are beginning to display more and more colour palettes for the coming seasons so it’s all about being adventurous and just for it! Although, I have to be honest, full-on blue eye shadow isn’t quite my thing! Maybe I’ll follow this trend after you all try it first ;)    


Be Blunt!

As a salon owner, we are seeing a continuing rise in blunt cuts; be it an ultra-long bob, lob and all lengths in between.

Sleek and Sharp!

Harpers Bazaar has told us to “break out your flat iron because straight, shiny and centre-parted hair is one of the biggest trends for 2017!”
  However, be warned! The sleek and sharp look will only work if your hair is in tip-top condition; so regular trims and hair treatments are essential to keep your mane looking fab! I love this look but I feel like the super sleek look is not essentially going to be everybody’s cup of tea… Enter the Sleek Wave trend! Think glossy, soft and simple at night, and spritz a touch of salt spray during the day for a more textured daytime look. How many of us will still be stuck on the curly blow-dry this year though? Personally, I’ll find it difficult to let go of my rollers and a good old curly blowout! But we’ll see… lol!

Ombré still holds it’s own!

Ombré is still looking to be a force to be reckoned with throughout 2017, but with a twist. If you have a browse through Pinterest (or get lost in it for hours like me), you’ll see a lot more dusty-toned ends on ombré styles. Already this year so far in the salon, I have noticed a lot more brave souls turning to less conventional colours with their ombrés.
The ice-cold silvers and metallic greys are still high up there on the most-wanted list, and with the addition of Olaplex (you can read more about this amazing treatment here ~ to your colour treatment, they’ve become a hell of a lot more attainable! There are sooo many trends out there that look set to be big throughout 2017, but I thought I would focus on the trends that appeal to me the most as a hairdresser and makeup artist. Makeup and hair trends are ever evolving and it’s important to keep on top of them in my game! If you’re not already, follow me on Snapchat (@powdernpout) for daily updates, latest products, on-trend makeup tutorials, hair transformations and lots more! Thank you for reading Until next week! ♥ Aisling

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