Get your Foundation Looking Flawless

Start with a clean, moisturised skin. Wait a few moments for the moisturiser to soak in. Then, apply a primer. Primers re-texturise the skin and make the foundation application smoother, helping it stay on and last longer. For myself using the correct foundation brush can mean the difference between a completely flawless face and an unpolished look. For this I recommend using a Duo Fibre Brush. Our HD Buffer P230 is fantastic and takes the stress out of your daily make up routine.

HD Buffer P230

  • Pick up some foundation with our HD Buffer. (If you prefer light coverage, dip only one side of the brush in the makeup. If you want fuller coverage, use both sides of the brush to pick up the makeup)
  • Start applying the makeup in the centre of your face so that you can blend outwards and avoid noticeable makeup lines.
  • Using the HD Buffer to sweep and blend the makeup onto the nose, forehead, cheeks and chin, lightly blending these areas with small, circular motions.

By knowing how to properly apply foundation with a makeup brush, you can get the amount of coverage you want and flawless-looking skin. Your makeup will look professionally and beautifully applied every time. The HD Buffer P230 is available online @

Duo Fibre

Made with Duo Fibre Technology, mixed length hairs and super soft fibres. Duo Fibre simply glides foundation over the top of eleven skin tone, acne and opens, giving a smooth even airbrush finish. As opposed to traditional foundation brushes which can push product into the skin pores and highlighting problem areas. Complete with short handle, that’s ideal for any handbag! (It never leaves mine...)

Flawless Foundation

Hope this helps Love, Aisling x

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