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Welcome to this week’s blogpost, all about how you can achieve those perfectly groomed brows!

What has been one of the biggest recent trends in makeup? ... Brows!!

Brows frame your face, so it's important not to over-tweeze them and to keep them filled in.



With the full-on "Instagram Brow" on it’s way out, exaggerated arches are going to be a little dated and instead a more sophisticated brow trend is emerging. 2017 sees the comeback of a more natural looking, full yet more subtly arched brows.

So, lets look closer at the brow trend that seems to be taking over at the moment:





Micro-blading can be an incredible solution for sparse or over-plucked brows to obtain a beautifully natural brow. However, I would be careful of following trends and instead you should opt for a natural finish when getting a service that is more permanent, as brow hair can take years to repair. 



I would advise when going for this treatment to keep it to a full and natural look, By doing so, this then allows you to experiment with makeup for your “heavier final finish” because this can be washed off!

I do believe that a strong brow exudes confidence and can make you look healthy, so if you want to look awake but don't want to apply that much makeup, filling in any sparse spots in your arches is a must.


To get your brows looking full!

Lightly shade the hairs above and below your brow to create a barely-there shadow. By brushing your brow hairs upward and outward, this will give them a "feathered" look. 



Your arches will look more natural and fuller by grooming them this way. I love to use either a brow gel or powder; go for a colour that is either the same shade as your brows or one shade darker.


My Go-To Brow Products


Brow powders are fantastic, for those of you who are slightly nervous about adding product to their brows. Perfect for those in brow training and powders are easily swiped off any mistakes and lightened if you get a little heavy handed. Here are two favourites:


  • Sleek Brow Powder 
  • Illamasqua Brow Cake in Thunder








  • Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel 

  • Mac Brow Gel in shades “Dirty Blonde” and “Deep Dark Brunette”



The final step in finishing your brows is to use a clear brow gel

Clear eyebrow gel is used to hold your eyebrows in place!



These are two of my faves! As much as I love MAC's high-end clear brow gel, I find it hard to to justify it when I find Maybelline's high street brow gel just as good!! Check it out!



The Tools

  • The Angled Liner P410 by Powder ‘n’ Pout Cosmetics

The P410 is the ideal brush for achieving your perfect brow! 

The small cut fibres allow exact control, while the firmly-bristled, flat-shape applies colour cleanly and precisely.

Simply hold the brush like a pencil by gripping it at the bottom and applying a series of small, light strokes. 
You can build upon light strokes with control rather than applying too much pressure and ending up with dark, jagged lines that are too hard to clean up!


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Thank you for reading

Until next week!

♥ Aisling

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